Text Box: DARK – Character Profiles –
Arec Dark – An early 40s human male, 5’8” to 6’2”,  athletic, has a commanding appearance, and a functional background in Martial Arts. Arec is ex spec-ops military, turned private contractor. He is
a loner with few ties, but is not a brooder. He maintains several residences, but usually lives aboard his ship. Arec’s
handler is Duke Renen Attucks, Vice-Chancellor for Covert Services, attached to the War Department for the Jar’an
Empire. Arec’s only close relationship is his sometimes partner, Lyren Suterra.
Lyren Suterra – A late 20s, early 30s human female, 5’5” to 5’8”,  athletic, and have a functional background in Martial Arts. Lyren is an independent woman, who has spent her life learning how to avoid or work around the Empire. Orphaned as a preteen, she relies on her wits and an ever expanding skill set to survive. She has a love/hate relationship with Arec Dark, and often finds herself finding jobs for him, and working with him.
Rafael Lucian Killiatris – A 16 to 18 year old human male, 5’6” to 5’10”, should have some athletic ability, and a working knowledge of Martial Arts. Rafael, calls himself “Rafe”, is a run away who thrives on the streets of Succatra, though his real life is very different, and has a penchant for technology, with an impressive skill set that
includes a love for hacking high profile systems. Rafe seeks adventure and action outside the confines of an over protected life.
Jallen Kaar – A late 20s Sythracian female, 5’6” to 5’10”, should be athletic. A functional background in Martial Arts is desirable. Jallen is a reccurring supporting role with lines. The Sythracian people are a dark skinned, warrior race with lightning reflexes, and the ability to know things before they happen, with keen hearing and the ability to see in the dark. Jallen is a shop owner in the Zjen Harbor District in the city of Succatra on the world of Aridani. She is ex Sythracian military who met Arec Dark fighting with him in combat. She has her eyes and ears on the pulse of Empire affairs on the world of Aridani where she lives, and her home-world, Irisiah. Arec is responsible for recruiting her into Jarran covert services.
Barkus Rion – A 30 something Caelym male, 5’6” to 5’8”, should be stocky,
bald, with Martial Arts background. Barkus is the bar tender at “Dekker’s Bar” in the Zjen Harbor District in the city of Succatra on the world of Aridani. Everyone calls him “Brian”. Barkus is one of Arec’s many informants.